Várunk mindenkit a konyhakiállításon a 32/B standnál!
Várunk mindenkit a konyhakiállításon a 32/B standnál!
alternative kitchen


Our main task when forming interior designs is to create a personalised and harmonious unit that gives a functional and aesthetic environment at the same time. All of our pen strokes, all completed designs and finished projects are born in this spirit, offering our clients a helping hand from design to execution.

alternative kitchen

When creating a living space we have to choose from thousands of options, but the goal is always the same...
Harmony and your convenience.

An Alta kitchen based on the latest trends
Side by Side fridge
visible concrete wall covering
Built-in machines
STOPSOL glass front
Ceramic countertop
Metal frame shelving system

In addition to our unique custom-made furniture from our own factory, we also offer the high quality kitchens of the Italian Alta brand.


Kitchen furniture

It is important for us to present you with a practical and stylish kitchen through the wide variety of our countertops, fronts and accessories.


Bedroom, Wardrobe

We put great emphasis on professional design and construction, we care about the harmony of all the colors and furniture in the most intimate room of the flat, from the bed frame to bedside cabinets...


Office furniture

By designing a modern and ergonomic workplace with aesthetic implementing, we contribute greatly to your work.



Besides the kithcen area, here is the most important to use the right materials, keeping it stylish and durable with high humidity and possible wet flooring.


Staircase, Wall coverings

In addition to the traditional and modern staircases, there is a growing emphasis on the more uniform design of wall coverings and interior spaces.



When designing a kitchen, the choice of the right machines is of the utmost importance. With our help, you can choose products from different manufacturers to best match your needs.


When our customers first cross the door of their new flat and immediately feel at home, we did our job well. We believe that the place we live in is the most important place in our lives. Our home is not just a tool. Here we spend our most important moments in life, the most beautiful moments, even the worst days. It has a tremendous importance in our lives, so it really only reaches its goal if it's all for your comfort and satisfaction. Our company is at your service for every possible aspects of building a home. You dream it, we design it , put it on paper, and after all these, you can trust us with construction as well. The end result is your home! This is the soul of our work.


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